Connective Tissue Diseases

Dr Saracino is a subspecialist in the skin manifestations of autoimmune rheumatic connective tissue diseases (CTDs). She has vast experience and expertise in this field. Connective tissue diseases include conditions such as Lupus Erythematosus (skin lupus and systemic lupus), Scleroderma (including Systemic Sclerosis and Morphoea / Localised Scleroderma), Dermatomyositis, Overlap and Undifferentiated CTDs (sometimes referred to as mixed connective tissue disease) and other related skin features such as Raynaud’s, vasculitis and panniculitis.

Finding an expert in this field in the area of dermatology can be difficult. This often means that the related skin effects of these conditions may be misdiagnosed, overlooked and/or under-treated. This is despite the significant impact these conditions can have for many patients. Amanda understands these very real complications, and is passionate about ensuring the skin is managed actively and expertly. She works closely with Rheumatologists and other specialists, and believes finding the right team to care for all aspects of these difficult and complex conditions, in a coordinated way, is vital.